I Knew There Was A Reason I Don’t Normally Fly During The Winter

Today, it’s finally arrived. I left my house in Wyoming to make the drive to Denver to spend the night at a hotel so I could catch my early morning flight tomorrow. I checked my flight status before I left the house, and everything looked good. HA!

As, I’m a good 3 hours into my trip, my phone rings a. 800#, this can’t be good. And, well I’m right they’ve cancelled my flight. I’m then put on hold for nearly an hour. What do I do, do I keep driving, pull over, turn around and go back home? Finally, when someone gets to my call, they tell me we can get you to NY on Sunday. Well great, but I need to be there before Sunday. I ask them to try any airline and give them 8 airports to try. The best they can do is get me to Buffalo, NY late Saturday night. Uhmmmm, yeah that’s not going to work, because I’m then 7 hours from where I need to be. I tell them cancel me and refund my money.

I figure I’m only a little over an hour from Denver I might as well keep going, and I’ll go to the airline counters myself if I have to. Or, I just won’t go to NY period, if I can’t get there in time for the wedding, there really is no sense in spending all of the money to go.

I call the husband and tell him what’s going on, so he starts looking to see what he can find, and my brother calls me with flight info for JetBlue, and it won’t cost a complete arm and leg to get the ticket. I hand over the credit card info and we’ve booked me a new flight.

The only problem is I have to check out of the hotel by 2 and I don’t fly out until 12:55 am. Oh well, guess I’ll be doing some laps at the airport and hanging in the hotel lobby.

Ah Mother Nature once again you’ve gotten me.

Here’s hoping for no further cancelled flights and only arriving 17 hours later than expected.

Happy travels to anyone else traveling this weekend, especially along the East Coast.


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