Now, this isn’t something I usually say about Wyoming. But, today there was some actual excitement happening in my neck of the woods Wyoming.
And, by excitement I mean crime type stuff. It started with a bank robbery, followed by a high speed chase, and ending in a bit of a crash right down the street from my house.
What!? Yeah, you heard me right. There were cops all over the place, crime scene tape, the road close off, and of course caused a disruption to my day, since I was going to drive right where they had the road closed. Luckily the detour I had to take wasn’t much of one. Uhmmm about 500 feet.
But, seriously how crazy is that? Apparently even some of the police cars were damaged during the chase and ensuing crash. When I returned from my appointment they were loading a cruiser onto a flatbed.
Man, when there is something going on by my house it’s something big with lots of police activity. The last time this happened they busted up a drug house across the street from my house. Thy day there were representatives from every police presence in the state.
Ahhhh living in Wyoming.


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