Vitamin C Time

I woke up this morning feeling a bit congested and a sore throat. Ughhh! Not, how I wanted to start the day.  I should have known something was up. I’ve been completely exhausted and worn down the last few days.  As in I’ve had no energy and have not wanted to do anything.

I feel asleep somewhere around 9 last night and didn’t really get up and moving until 9 this morning. Yeah, I was tired.

I’ll be taking care of myself, I’ll be taking my vitamins, getting plenty of liquids, and consuming the vitamin C like it’s my job. Of course if this doesn’t help and things get worse it will be off to the doctor. I have a trip to NY coming up soon and I have lots of fun plans, so there will be no room for being sick with that.

Hoping it’s just a cold and with some rest, plenty of liquids, and proper nutrition I’ll kick this thing to the curb.

Hope everyone is doing well this winter and staying healthy.


3 thoughts on “Vitamin C Time

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