And He’s Back

The husband is home once again. What a few ridiculous days it’s been. Tuesday, I dropped him off at the airport bright and early so that he could fly back to Cincinnati. Originally, the job he was working on was going to start-up again, and hence the reason for him flying home in the first place. However, as with life things change and the job informed him late Sunday night that they would not be ready to start-up again as scheduled. That things were going to be delayed.

Anyway, he flew back to Ohio, only to get off the plane, hop in his truck and start the trip back to Wyoming. What a pain that had turned into. But, with the job being delayed he’s actually home for the next 5 days and off. As in, he’s not going to the office and if he answers his phone I might drown it in the toilet.

With him being off for the weekend we are making some plans to have fun. Meet up with some friends and maybe even hit the slopes. And, it’s supposed to be beautiful weather this weekend as well.

Maybe I can even convince him that I need to visit the zoo.  I love the zoo and checking out the animals. Who knows the possibilities are endless, but I do know that we are going to enjoy some us time.


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