Making Progress

Today, the husband and I have made some progress on packing up stuff in the house that we will not be needing or using, thus hopefully making for a much easier packing and moving experience when the time comes.

I need to be organized the last 2 times we moved it was kind of in a big rush and organization happened just not at my level of such.  There were a lot of miscellaneous boxes, and other boxes that had random stuff just thrown in.  This time, since one we have the time, and it’s not just me doing the packing, well at least through the weekend anyway, things are a bit more organized.

We’ve managed to pack up almost the entire office.  There is still the phone, printer, some office supplies, and various degrees of paperwork, and other important things that we will need before the house sells.  But, let me tell you I had no idea that we had as much stuff in our office as we do.  We are up to 27 boxes right now, and like I said there is still at least 3 boxes worth of stuff that has yet to be packed and won’t be packed until nearly the last-minute.  Plus we will have the office furniture to load.  WOW!  I really had no idea.  And, we of course got rid of stuff too, I mean that is one nice thing about moving you get rid of the junk.  Well I tend to, my husband takes a bit of convincing.  We will get back to that more in a minute.

With the office finished, we decided to divide and conquer, well that and there was no way I was going anywhere near the mess that the husband has spent the day working on.  I mean its his mess he can deal with it, and by the mess I mean our garage.  I love the husband, but he doesn’t put anything away, he pretty much just drops things where he is and moves on, and then of course is asking me where such and such a thing is.  Well, dear if you would put your crap away you’d have no problem finding the next time you need it.  Just saying.  So, he’s been working in the garage, I haven’t checked into see if he really has been doing it, or just goofing off, I don’t really want to know.

While he was tackling that job, I set off to pack up the bar and dining room.  I’ve made a good dent in the project.  All of the bar glasses have been wrapped, the ones needing bubble wrap have been bubble wrapped, and they all have been boxed.  Now, I need to make a run to the liquor store to see if I can get some boxes, I have a lot of liquor and wine that are going to need to be boxed and kept safe.  I can’t be having any of my vodka getting broken on the trip.  That would just not do.  So besides packing up the liquor I will also have to pack up the buffet which is a lot of serving dishes and stuff that of course will have to be wrapped and some bubble wrapped.  In my next life I’m either never moving once I get somewhere, or I am only buying plastic so there is no need to pack things carefully.  Thankfully the dining room/bar should not have nearly as many boxes as the office, although there is a bit more furniture that when the time comes we will have to take care when packing.  Oh joy chairs and a table will be fun to wrap in blankets and shrink-wrap.

Now, getting back to my husband and the getting rid of stuff.  I told him before he leaves that we need to go through his closet so that I can start to pack that up, and that we need to get rid of some of his t-shirt collection.  As in the entire shelf in his closet is stacked high with them, and you guessed it as long as I’ve lived with him they have never been touched.  We are not moving all of this crap again, it just isn’t happening.  It’s time to get rid of the stuff, oh yeah and did I mention that most of them will never fit him again.  We are just keeping them to have them.  And, trust me next week when I start my closet there will be a ton of clothes, shoes, handbags, and who knows what else that will be getting the big old toss.  I haven’t worn or used it in forever it is going.  I do not want to pack it, move it, or unpack it.  Therefore its going.  If you’re in the neighborhood stop by I’m sure you’ll find something in my closet that will suit you.

Anyways, tomorrow will be another day of packing up stuff and getting organized.  I know that I will be spending a day just packing up linen closets we have 4 in this house.  And, we have a lot of linens.  I’m sure we will be getting rid of stuff there as well.  The garbage men and Good Will, will be getting a workout over the next couple of weeks.

Ahhhh, the joys of moving.


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