A Whole Weekend At Home…Wait…What!?

My husband will be home for the entire weekend. Wait, what!? That never happens. What are we going to do with that much together time.  Hmmmm, I’m not sure we don’t get time like that very often. Who knows it could end up with us getting in a big fight and a divorce, I mean we aren’t used to spending that much time together. No, I’m kidding we won’t end up in divorce.

I’d like to say we are going to lounge around all day and just be bums, but one my husband can’t do the couch potato thing he gets way too antsy and strung out, which then in turns ruins my vegetative state, so we will not be doing that, and two we have a ton of things that need to be done. With the house on the market there is packing to be done, so that it doesn’t all fall on me and also so I’m not trying to pack a 5,000 sq ft house by myself and trying to do it under a time crunch. I’m trying to make this move as organized as possible. As in I have packing lists with all of the contents in each box, and if the box can go to storage or not.  Yes, my OCD is in full swing. Along with the packing we have some minor repairs and changes that need to be made around the house. So it will be a weekend filled with togetherness, my OCD in hyperdrive, and getting stuff done. But, hey we are doing it together.

Enjoy your weekend.


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