Poor Guy

The husband is home after being gone for two and a half months and he pretty much went straight to work on things in the house. I didn’t intend for there to be that “Honey Do” list, but it’s happened anyway.

First there were the light bulbs. A bunch had blown in the last 2 weeks, and when you’re trying to sell your house having light bulbs blown out isn’t such a good thing. So, last night I asked him to replace them, which he did. Of course, this was after asking me why I couldn’t do it. Well for starters I’m 5’6″ you’re 6’4″ for me to do it requires standing on something, doing some balancing, and oh yeah actually doing it. Do you want to know how long it took him to replace the light bulbs about 2 minutes. It would have taken me a bit longer because I would have had to get out the step stool climb up the damn thing balance on it, because I’m sure the dogs would be running circles around the thing and then put the light bulb in, climb down, reposition the stool at the next light and start over. We have so many lights in the house a few bulbs blown here and there not going to bother me, but since you are home thanks for taking care of that for me.

Then, we move on to the matter of the furnace. We have 3 furnaces so when one isn’t working clearly I don’t notice, because well one wasn’t working properly. So, unfortunately the man’s first full day home in two and half months and he’s been running all over looking for the part we need. One has been located and should be here by Friday. So guess what he’ll be working on, on Friday.

Oh, and did I mention the sidewalks have snow on them again. I guess I’ll do the snow removal, since he did replace light bulbs and is fixing the heat.


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