It’s Back!

Last night was the premiere of the new season of Dance Moms. Yes, I am one of those people, that loves the show.  Most of the show I’m going are these people for real? And, the rest of the time I’m wanting to punch Abby Lee Miller in the face. That lady is absolutely, positively, certifiably a nut job.

And, then they suck me in even further, with this whole I’m audition new kids in 3 different cities thing. Lady please, I like the kids that are on the show, didn’t we learn that last season when you brought in all of these other kids. No one liked them. Stop it now.

Really you’re going to replace those kids, are you crazy. I mean I wouldn’t mind if she replaced Maddie, quite frankly I can’t stand her, but I doubt that would ever happen. I have feeling Kelly won’t be around for toI much longer with her girls, and I don’t blame her. Let’s face it America, before this show no one knew who Abby Lee Miller was, even with as much as she likes to tell us how famous and known she is. Please.  You’re in Pittsburgh, not exactly the Dance Capitol of the world. Personally, I think all of the girls could do better in a dance teacher, but hey then I wouldn’t get my weekly dose of the ridiculousness that is Dance Moms.

This season is looking to be crazy, and just the previews for next week have me counting down the minutes till Tuesday’s episode. Ah Dance Moms thanks for the hour reprieve from my ordinary life into the ridiculousness that is yours.


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