My Dogs

As, some of you may know, and for those of you who don’t we have 2 dogs. Both are lab German Shepard mixes. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds, the energy of labs and the brains of the German Shepard. They both are really too smart for their own good at many times.

Our oldest dog Bonnie is 2.5 and well she can open doors, turn on the bathtub, and open gates without much trouble. Makes for great times at doggie daycare.  I sometimes feel like the parent who has the child that bites everyone. When I walk into pick her up, and I get the let me tell you what your dog did today speech. Yeah, let’s just say she gets herself into trouble a lot. Heidi, who is 1 just likes to get into anything she knows she’s not supposed to be into, and then when you catch her she gives you the I don’t know what you’re talking about look.

Anyway, today I realized what a brat Heidi is and how good Bonnie is towards her. It really is a wonder that Heidi is still alive and Bonnie hasn’t ripped her throat out yet. They were both given rawhide bones today. I no sooner give them each one Heidi drops her’s and steals Bonnie’s. All day long Heidi has been stealing whatever bone Bonnie has picked up to chew on. At one point Heidi had them both. She’s a brat.

Not to mention the fact have you ever seen a dog do a piggy back ride. Well I have Heidi will jump on Bonnie’s back and go for a piggy back ride. Now, if she’s doing this stuff at doggy daycare to other dogs again I will repeat how the heck is she still alive?

They are now currently having a stare off and waiting for who will make the first move in trying to get the bone that is lying in between them. It’s a regular showdown at the OK Corral or in this case my living room. Silly dogs.


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