A Pattern Develops

It’s just really the beginning of the official start of winter, and well I’m already over it. Although, you do have to give me a little slack since I’ve been dealing with so-called winter weather since the last week in September.

No matter, a pattern is quickly developing here in Wyoming, and I do not like it one little bit. It is currently snowing again. Which means that tomorrow will be another day of shoveling, snow blowing, brushing off the car, and chiseling the ice off the car. This of course will be followed with doing it all over again the next day because I’m sure the wind will pick up and create a 3 foot drift in front of my front door once again. Because, I mean why wouldn’t it, it has only done it very time it has snowed this year.

I’m really starting to hate winter. I need snow to skim but that doesn’t mean I need it at my house. Mother Nature can you do me a favor! and just dump the white stuff on the ski slopes, and leave my house alone please.  I’m really tired of this snow clean up nonsense. Thank you.

I talked to the husband earlier and let him know how sick of snow I was, and well what can I say the man knows me well. He in turn replied with, “In translation, you want me home to clean it up.” Well, yeah! I do want him home for more than cleaning up the snow, he’s been gone 2 months already and it’ll be another 2 if not more before he gets home again. I mean I do kind of miss him. Although, with him not home the house does stay a bit cleaner, there is no dirty laundry on the floor, empty/half drank soda cans left around, nor dirty dishes for me to find. But, I take all that right now if would just go clean off my car and warm it up for me. Ahhhh, the little things I wish for. I love you husband.


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