I’m So Over Winter

I am so over winter.  It has just officially begun and I can’t wait for it to be over.  UGHHHH!  I can’t handle it anymore.  Why, you ask? HA! Well let me tell you why.

  1. I’m extremely tired of removing snow from the walkway, driveway, and sidewalks.
  2. I’m EXTREMELY tired of removing snow from the walkway, driveway, and sidewalk only hours after doing it.
  3. I really am tired of cleaning snow off my car, not to mention the chiseling I need to do to get the ice off the windows.
  4. I’m really tired of my windshield wipers freezing up while driving in the snow.
  5. I can not deal with the wind here.  It makes things just ridiculous, between the blowing 3 foot drifts of snow so I can’t even get out my front door to the feeling that my car is going to blow over while driving.
  6. And, most of all I really can’t stand how the state of Wyoming deals with snow removal on their roads, or I guess I should say the lack of snow removal from the roads.  Today, I drove 2 miles round trip and narrowly avoided getting hit on 3 different occasions, and oh the joy of going from 4WD to 2WD every turn that I make.  See they sort of clear main roads, as in they plow the roads but leave a 3 foot berm of snow in the middle, so good luck if you need to make a turn, because you are going to need to bust through a snow bank to do it.  As for the side streets well they don’t touch them, and as people drive on them they get packed down and become ice.  Yeah excellent.  And, you wonder why during storms and the days after you have so many traffic accidents.  Seriously Wyoming, if NYC can figure out to clear snow from city streets surly you can too.

I really hope this is the last winter I’m dealing with snow removal.  I am over it.  I wish that it would only snow on the ski mountains and leave the rest of the world alone.  That would work perfectly for me.  Stupid Winter in Wyoming.


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