Christmas Cards

I’ve been completely out of the holiday spirit this year. No decorations are up, the husband is away with work, and we are in the middle of trying to sell our house. So, Christmas is a bit overrated this year.

Anyway, we didn’t have time to do a Christmas card this year because the husband left for the current job in the beginning of November and well who’s really thinking about their Christmas card much before that. Definitely not this girl anyway. I wasn’t planning on sending any out. Just continuing with my Bah Humbug type attitude. Unfortunately, that did not work out for me. After getting inundated with Christmas cards the last few days, I decided to bite the bullet and send some out.

I ventured to the mall, which was its own version of hell, actually going in the middle of a work day it wasn’t too terrible, although it was starting to get busy by the time I left. Anyway, getting back on track, I went to the mall and found myself some generic Christmas cards and scooped up a couple of boxes.

I then came home and went to work filling them out and addressing them. Yeah, I now remember why I wasn’t that interested in sending them out. I hate doing it. It’s tedious and boring as all get out. But, I powered through, addressed, stuffed, and stamped 60 Christmas cards, and now have an overstuffed mailbox. Here’s hoping the mailman comes to take them tomorrow.

I guess on the bright side I shouldn’t have to do anything like this again for another year, so I’m sure I’ll have forgotten about how much I hate addressing envelopes by that time.

Happy Holiday Card writing to all who have yet to finish the task, and sorry I will not be helping you with it.


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