I’m Getting Too Old For This

Last night, found me heading out on the town here in Wyoming. I use the term loosely of course, but hit the town I did, I didn’t exactly paint it red. I went out with a friend to just hang out, get out of the house, and enjoy some company.

Now, I’ve been living here in Wyoming for 2 years and have not gone out to the bars since getting here. Sure, I like to go out to a bar on occasion and hang with some friends, it just hasn’t been something I’ve done here. Well, that was until last night. I was the driver last night, because one we needed one and 2 I was still finishing up my antibiotics from the respiratory infection. Of course I had no idea where these bars were, luckily my friend did.

We hit up our first bar, which is a country bar, complete with band and line dancing. Note to self, I’m apparently going to have to learn some country line dances, if I plan on hanging out there.

While at our first bar, another friend had contacted us to see where we were since she was also out. We made plans to meet up with her, and just like that ee were off to our second bar of the night.

Once arriving at the bar we noticed that it was packed. I impressed my friend with my parallel parking skills.  She was quite impressed and called me brave. I call it I’m from NY of course I know how to parallel park.  If I didn’t I’d never be able to park my car. We found our friend and the gang she was hanging out with amongst the crowd and had a great time talking, some dancing, and lots of laughs.

We decided to go check out one more bar and headed over to the other side of town. This one was pretty laid back. We ran into a co-worker of my friend and hung out with her for a little while, before calling it a night.

And, just like that I’ve seen the inside of 3 bars here. I can’t say if and when I’ll be visiting them again, but hey it was a night out.

One thing I can say I really dislike about the bars, especially coming from NY, is the smoking in the bars. Ughhhhh! Make me gag.  I can’t stand the smell or breathing it in, plus it makes me sick. Every time we walked out of a bar all I could smell was the cigarette smoke. Blah!

Needless to say as soon as I entered the house the smoke-filled clothes were stripped off and thrown in the wash. Unfortunately my hair absorbs the smoke smell as well, and I had to wash my hair a few times because after the first time of washing it, all I’ve accomplished is to make my head smell like a wet ashtray.

The real problem was when I woke up this morning feeling like I was hung over. I didn’t even drink. Clearly, I am getting way to old to be out till 3am. Yikes!  I slept in pretty late this morning to make up for the feeling of being exhausted, a headache, and even a little nauseous. Yup, getting too old for this.


2 thoughts on “I’m Getting Too Old For This

  1. Holy smokes! 3am!? I’m impressed! I don’t like going to bars for the same reason. I feel like that smoke gets into my sinuses and takes a few days to finally clear out. Yuck!

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