I Think My House Is Haunted

I’m serious, I think the house has suddenly become haunted. Weird things have been occurring. Okay, I clearly don’t believe that it’s haunted completely because I’ve so far been able to rationalize most of the weirdness, but yeah I’m quickly running out of answers. And, in which case you’ll be seeing me run screaming through the streets afraid to enter my house, and/or every light in my house will be on at all times of the day. I’m sure it’ll be a combination of both.

So the weird stuff, the office door has been open the last 2 mornings. I know the door was shut and latched. It’s called SLAM the door and then yank and push on it to make sure. Trust me it was shut. But, today and yesterday when I got up it was open. Ok, maybe I just thought it was shut. So, I’ve repeated the SLAM, yank, pull, and push on the door, and will check it before going to bed tonight.

The second weird thing is a window was open.  I sure as heck didn’t open the window hello, the temperatures here until the other day have been absolutely heinous. After speaking to the husband we’ve decided the dogs somehow did it, although I’m not entirely buying that one. It uses a lever to open it and you have to lift up and then pull it towards you.  So the likelihood of the dogs doing it slim, but I’m going with it for the time being.

And, finally last night there was all sorts of crashing going on outside the bedroom windows, and neither dog even reacted to it. But, a person walking 2 blocks over and the dogs go crazy over. Yeah, I’m not sure what the heck that was about.

See weird stuff going on in this house of late. But, if it is haunted all of a sudden I’m not sure where they came from, unless they were just lying around dormant and bored for a while, and have now decided to come out and be ridiculous, or maybe I brought one home with me from somewhere who knows.  But, seriously if pots and pans start banging around tonight I’m out of here.


2 thoughts on “I Think My House Is Haunted

  1. That’s totally creepy. You should call the Casper ghost hunters and have them come do a reading. Unless you don’t want to be spooked out anymore than you already are! 🙂 Aren’t you the second owners? Who’d feel the need to haunt that place?

    • I think if ghost hunters came, I’d be sleeping on your couch until Casey came back home. And, I don’t know who’d want to haunt the place but things have been weird around here.

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