It’s Still Flipping Beyond Cold

So, the good news we have finally reached positive numbers here in Wyoming. The bad news the wind is blowing at 30-40mph with gusts over 50mph. Yup, so that makes it pretty dang cold, yeah you guessed it with the windchill we are right back to those negative temperatures.

I open the door to let the dogs out and I think the entire house gets cold, I mean it’s a wave of cold that just moves across the room. Brrrrrr.

Now, let me also tell you about this dang wind, I now have a 3 foot snow drift outside my front door. I went to go outside and had snow come in the door. What the fudge!? I haven’t gone out to clear it yet, because well I clear it and 2 minutes later it looks like I didn’t do a thing.

Actually, at the moment the wind has seemed to died down a bit, but it’s dark and cold out. The agenda tomorrow clearly has shoveling more snow, and clearing the front walk and doorway.

Have I mentioned that I’m completely over winter already and the season hasn’t even officially started.


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