Cold Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe

We are in the middle of a bitter cold snap here in Wyoming, and I for one am way over it. The last couple of days we haven’t even seen positive temperatures. As in every time you see a thermometer there is this annoying little sign (-) in front of the number. What! Seriously Mother Nature that is not funny or cool. I love when I wake up and see that the high of the day is going to be -8. Well thank you, you’ve just ensured I’m not leaving my house today yet alone my bed. Well, I wish that were the case, but unfortunately I’ve had to leave my house every day. That would be my luck. Yesterday, the house was being shown so I had to leave. I decided the dogs could go to daycare to play and I’d go see Catching Fire. By the way, if you haven’t seen it you should it was pretty awesome. Well while I was out running errands before the movie started I spotted this in the sky

Apparently, this crazy person did not get the memo that it is not just cold, but Mother Frackin Cold out. I mean I guess under the flame it’s probably a bit warmer, but dang it’s -15 out. Why would you want to go up in a balloon now? I am thinking that if it was me I would have passed.

But, here’s another view, and to each their own I guess


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