Dust, Vacuum, Mop, Repeat

Those three household chores have become my life the last 2 weeks. I live in Wyoming, therefore lots of dust. With putting the house on the market I’ve got to stay on top of these chores. Let me tell you I’m getting really tired of them.

Dusting, yeah I don’t enjoy it much anymore. Ok I never really enjoyed it, but it’s getting old real quick. Especially, since I can finish dusting and go back to where I first started and it doesn’t even look like I dusted. Thank you Wyoming and your dry, windy ways for that.

Vacuuming was something I did a lot of anyway, we do have 2 dogs that shed a lot. I also have a Dyson vacuum, so it’s not so bad, but when you have to do it more than once a day, guess what it becomes annoying as all get out.

Mopping, this I actually don’t mind much. Probably because I use a Swiffer Mop, so there is no mop and bucket to get ready. I’m sue if there was I would not be liking it just like the rest.

Although, I will say I’ve made 2 cleaning purchases and I love them both and highly recommend them. First the Dirt Devil Dust Vac. Holy Cannoli! It’s great. I use it in my kitchen and bathrooms, it gets all of the dirt and the big plus dog hair. And, well it’s so much easier than sweeping, when I sweep I always end up chasing that little line that forms at the dust pan, and not to mention that any dog hair that w’s swept up becomes like tumble weeds and flitters all over as you try to sweep it up. Second, is the Shark Steam Mop. Hello my new best friend. I love this thing. I’ve been able to get stains off the linoleum that have been there since we moved in. The thing is crazy. Best part it’s ready to go in 30 seconds. Plus, cleaning with steam you know your killing stuff. I like the idea of germs and bacteria being destroyed. So bring it on.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get a call tomorrow for in which case I’ll be doing my dust, vacuum, mop, repeat lifestyle. I hope this house sells quick.


6 thoughts on “Dust, Vacuum, Mop, Repeat

    • Are they carpet or hardwood? If they are hardwood it’d probably work great. It’s a dust broom and vacuum in one and swivels to get into all the corners.

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