Girls Day

I avoided the craziness of Black Friday, this year, I mean I am in Wyoming, and we do have stores, but nothing to exciting, and nothing that I wanted to spend Thanksgiving day waiting in line for.

Instead today, I spent a couple of hours with one of my favorite 4 year olds I know. I had made plans with her, well her mom last week, to take her to get our nails done and a lunch date. I arrived today to pick her up and she was ready to go.

We headed over to the nail place I go on occasion, and needed about 20 minutes to pick out our nail color. Little Ms. Was looking for pink, but it had to have sparkle, and well we were looking and just couldn’t find the right one. So, we did the next best thing pink with silver glitter on top.

With our colors picked we went off to our table. She was a bit concerned when she saw the tools the lady pulled out, (cuticle clippers, files, and cuticle pusher), for my manicure. I assured her, none of them would be used on her, and that none of them hurt. But, perhaps her best reaction was when the woman sitting next to us was getting acrylics and the technician started up the electric file.  Her eyes expanded 6 times their normal size and she said, “What’s he going to do with that?”

Finally it was her turn to get her nails painted and she sat ramrod still while the lady painted her nails. She was very serious throughout the time her nails were being painted. After, the painting was done it was time to move over to drying. Of course the first thing out of hr mouth after sitting down under the dryers was, “I’m bored.” I suggested we sing a song, and she said, “No, I want to do something with my hands.”  Of course you do. LOL.  I was able to convince her to sit still for maybe 3 minutes, and then we were off. I’m thinking the technician used some speed dry top coat, which I’m extremely thankful for.

After paying and tipping the technician we were on our way to lunch. Little Ms. Decided on pizza and ice cream. So we headed on over to the pizza buffet, and let me tell you I think she may have eaten her weight in pizza. Granted it was thin crust and tiny slices I was putting on her plate for her, but still. They may have wanted to charge me the adult rate instead of child’s rate, at the way she was eating. I had to cut her off. After letting the pizza settle for a few minutes, and discussing the devour of the restaurant we headed over to the dessert bar, and got her some ice cream. Which of course she devoured.

It was a great couple of hours spent with he. We had a lot of fun, and she made me laugh. Once I dropped her off we did a quick art project, and then it was time for me to head out. Of course she has already started planning our next date.  She wants to go see a movie next time.


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