A Little Trip Into Vegan & Gluten-Free

I’ve been invited over to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving or I guess I should say Thanksgivukkah Dinner. and, best news I won’t be the only vegetarian present, I’ll be in the company of vegans as well as meat eaters.

Now, of course I’m sure there will be a few dishes that I can eat, but when you throw in this whole pesky gluten-free thing into the mix, and well things get complicated. I was already planning on making myself some cornbread stuffing, gluten-free of course, but now that I would be dining with vegans I needed to make the cornbread vegan. So, I’m sure you know where I headed I talk about it all of the time, one of my best friend’s Pinterest.  I found a really simple gluten-free vegan recipe for cornbread with a continuation of making it into stuffing, not that I don’t know how to do that, but SCORE!

I made a double batch of the cornbread in muffins since they will be easier to get into cubes later for the stuffing, plus the recipe was making muffins and didn’t give a cook time if you were making bread, not that I couldn’t have figured it out.  Anyway, they are currently cooking and they smell pretty wonderful, I’ll be having one with dinner, I mean I have to make sure its edible right? Hello, I’m going to be sharing this with other people. I need to do some quality control it’s only right.

And, if you want to give the recipe a try, you can find it here.

Hopefully, it will be enjoyed by all, and at least there is some stuffing for the gluten- free vegetarian, and the vegans as well. I know how hard it can be to go over to dinner parties, or out to eat, when you have dietary restrictions.

Oh, I’m also going to make a sweet potato casserole, because yum love them, and then 2 apple desserts. Apple nachos and Apple Crisp, that will also be gluten-free and vegan. Can you tell I have a ton of apples to use up?

How are your Thanksgiving plans coming along?

UPDATE: So, I just tried one of the muffins, and I won’t becoming a vegan anytime soon. They were ok, but a little bland for me, I’m hoping after I add all the onion, celery, vegetable stock, and seasonings to it when I becomes stuffing, it’ll have a bit more flavor.


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