Smells Delicious Here

I have had a productive day. I got up this morning and made a quick trip to the grocery store for some needed baking essentials. Then as soon as I got home I set to baking. I had plans for lots of fruit I had sitting around the house.

When I get into one of these moods, I’m super thankful for my double wall ovens. I strongly suggest if you love to cook and or bake you should invest in a double oven. I will be asking for one in any new house we move to from now on.

This was the first bread that went into the oven. A big batch of banana bread, yes I have tons of bananas that needed to be used. The husband, will be happy to hear that it is not going in the freezer for him. This big loaf of banana bread is headed off to NY, along with the this:

Apple Cinnamon Bread. This bread is delicious especially if you serve it warm with a little powdered sugar on top. Yummy! I have a ton of apples to use, an entire produce drawer full of them actually. So this week there will definitely be some apple items made.

After finishing up with these wonderful breads I moved onto gluten-free breads. This week’s Bountiful Basket came with a bag of fresh cranberries, I’m sure to help prepare for Thanksgiving, but since I’m not completely nuts over cranberry sauce, and it will be only me for Thanksgiving, I searched Pinterest for some ideas. And, well I came up with this:

Cranberry bread, and an actual gluten-free recipe for it, not one I had to play with to get it right. I will be eating some of this, this evening.

And, finally I used one of the large sweet potatoes I got in the Bountiful Basket, again I’m sure to get us ready for Thanksgiving. I will be using at least one of the other sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving day to make myself some sweet potato casserole. I love sweet potatoes, and add in some brown sugar and marshmallows, and is there really even a need for dessert after that?  I found another gluten-free recipe on Pinterest for a Cinnamon Sweet Potato Bread. I had decided to give it a shot, and the smell is amazing.  Between the sweet potato, cinnamon, and almond extract that is used, I just wanted to eat the batter, just from the smell alone. I may have to eat a piece of this tonight as well. I’m going to try to stick with only eating one type of bread tonight.

And, the smell is still just as amazing as when I was whipping up the batter, and baking it.

And, heres what my kitchen table currently looks like:

And, finally if you’re interested in any of the recipes well, here they are :

Banana Bread

Apple Cinnamon Bread

Gluten-Free Cranberry Bread

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread


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