Wyoming + Snow Makes Me Mad

Living here in Wyoming, this being my third winter here you’d think I’d get used to the road conditions. No, it just infuriates me more every time. It snowed Tuesday night into Wednesday and guess what they don’t remove snow from the roads here. It was just a couple of inches no biggie right, it’ll melt. Ha! Yeah if it was warmer than 15 degrees maybe.

The main streets are clear, but the side streets, you know where people live, are not. My trip to the school to pick up my Bountiful Basket, went something like this: 4WD on my street otherwise my anti-slip was engaged the whole time, and oh you want to stop at that stop sign better start trying to stop now, with the anti lock brakes be fired off, back to 2WD, oh wait turned onto another street back to 4WD, oh this one is clear, oh but wait not this street, holy crow is that car going to stop.  So there’s a glimpse of what the streets are like here. It’s a good 3.5 days later, can’t we do some snow maintainance Wyoming? You can’t tell me there isn’t a snow removal/maintenance budget, this is after all Mother Fracking Wyoming!

Yup, its official I’m done with cold, snow, and winter, unless of course it’s for a trip to the ski center then bring it on, but I don’t want it every day.


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