We got some snow last night into this morning.  Not anywhere near what we got in the beginning October, it was only about 2 inches.  Now, my normal response to snow is ahhh it’ll melt.  It’s only 2 inches no reason to go out and shovel it, by tomorrow it will be gone.  However, know that the house is on the market I’m pretty sure that is not going to fly.  So I threw on a coat, my hat, and gloves, and headed outside to clear the snow.  I shoveled the walkway, driveway, and the sidewalks.  I cleared all of the snow, and got some exercise in along with doing a job that needed to be done.

We do have a snowblower, but one its big and heavy, and kind of a pain in the ass.  The husband, who is way stronger than I am has no problem with it, me on the other hand, get really frustrated with it, I have a hard time maneuvering it.  So, I decided I’d just use the shovel, the snow wasn’t that heavy and there wasn’t much of it.  Obviously if it had been heavy snow and a bit more I’d be dealing with my frustration with the snowblower.  My husband is probably going to be quite impressed when he reads this blog and finds that I actually did snow removal, because like I said earlier, my usual response is it’ll melt.

Hope your Thursday has been a good one.  And, remember tomorrow is Friday!


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