Busy Day

I had a busy day that started at 5 am with a workout and then it was off to nanny. After dropping the kids off at school and daycare it was a quick trip home to grab the dogs to drop them off at daycare as well. This was then followed up with a day of appointments. After all of that was finished it was off to pick the kids up and hang out with them. And, well I’m just finally getting home. I’m thinking bedtime will be coming early for this girl tonight.

Tomorrow will be another early day. I’ve decided I might as well just get up a little earlier on days I have to nanny and get the workout in before going over there. In all honesty it’s not that much earlier I’m getting up, so it will be another 5 am day for this girl. Ughhh I’m so not a morning person, although in the last few weeks I’ve been getting better about it.

Tomorrow is looking like a cooking day banana bread and apple streusel bread are on the agenda along with a Greek pasta for dinner. Keri, your bread will be coming your way soon. And, the husband I’m sure appreciates you wanting some bread he’s getting sick of banana bread, it’s just we have so damn many of the things. Anyone else want banana bread? I have plenty of bananas, thanks to Bountiful Basket.


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