A Nice Fall Day

Here in Wyoming, the weather was that of a typical fall day. It was quite enjoyable actually. The temperature was in the 50’s the wind wasn’t blowing to harshly, and the sun was shining.

The dogs and I enjoyed some fresh air in the yard, played some ball, and the house even got to enjoy some fresh air. I opened the windows and back door, and let some fresh air in. I don’t really do that much here, because when I do everything ends up covered in a coat of dirt from the wind blowing. Today, luckily was not the case.

After enjoying the day with the dogs, I went and did a little grocery shopping. I was picking up ingredients to make stuffed cabbage this week, being that we got 2 heads of cabbage in our Bountiful Basket this week. I also picked up some stuff for dinner tomorrow night with a friend. We are doing a little Mexican themed dinner.  Well, except for dessert, that’s going to be Apple Crisp, since we have a ton of apples in this house. Apple Crisp is yummy though so it’ll work just fine with our meal.

I also will be making some more tomato sauce and bruschetta to can this week, since I picked up another 25 pound box of tomatoes. I love cooking, and I’m pretty happy that I have a kitchen that makes it easy to do big projects. I’m starting to plan my holiday cookie baking list.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday and that the rest of your weekend is enjoyable.


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