Customer Service Is Dead

Where I live in Wyoming, I’ve found the customer service pretty lacking. Now, I’ll be the first to say it, there are times when the customer is just plain wrong, but they should be given the benefit of the doubt to start with.

We had ordered something from a big chain retail store, although, seeing has how their customer service is I can see why they are in financial distress, that was to be here today. After calling to confirm that it was in fact in, we were told no, it’s not our truck hit weather and called us yesterday to tell us they would be a day late. Oh so you knew yesterday, and didn’t bother to call to inform your customers that delivery would be late. How nice of you.  We do have other things to do then plan around your shipments. After hearing this we asked if they’d just deliver the product, and were told sure for the normal delivery price. Excuse me! You told me my item would be available for pickup on this date, you don’t have it, and you’re not going to do anything to help the situation. Oh wait, they did give a concession they would hold my item indefinitely until I could arrange pickup. Thank you, that’s kind of you. Now, I’m looking at a week before possibly being able to pickup said item, unless it’s here by 11am at the latest.

Now, I don’t need the item right this second, but the fact is you told me it would be here, you found out yesterday it would in fact not be, didn’t bother to notify me about the change, and now refuse to do anything to help with the situation. Well, I’m taking note, and I’m pretty sure I will not be making another big-ticket purchase from your store again. I’m glad I wasn’t coming from out-of-town to pick something up, because their would have been bloodshed.

This is also the same company that took over a year to get a part to us for another one of their products. And, every time we inquired about it were told, we don’t know when you’ll get it. Well, I don’t know when I’ll be purchasing something from your store again. As in, probably never.


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