I Love A Good Haircut

Today, I made my 6-week trip to the salon to get my hair cut. Don’t get too excited people, I look exactly the same it was just a trim. I have a thing with my hair, as in I don’t want it gone, and by gone I mean any shorter than it already is.

My hair doesn’t care for Wyoming weather at all. See my hair is use to the East Coast humidity, and well Wyoming is seriously lacking in the humidity department. Well it’s good in a way, but my hair and skin don’t really appreciate it. So, it’s been a long road to recovery for the hair, but I think we’ve made it. This is of course after needing to cut about 6 inches of Brillo Pad type hair off. Add in some expensive hydrating shampoo, and a trip for a trim every 6 weeks, my hair is back to its ore-Wyoming days.

I don’t know about you, but I could sit in the chair and have them massage my scalp while they wash it for days.  Something about getting your scalp massaged, there really is nothing quite like it. Then the blowing drying at the end. Yeah, if I could afford it I’d go have someone wash and dry my hair for me every day. It’s quite relaxing. I’m able to enjoy my hair cut now, because I found someone here In Wyoming that I trust to not butcher my hair, I know it’ll grow back but that’s not the point. It’s really hard finding someone new to cut your hair, and well I’m hoping that the girl who is currently cutting my hair doesn’t plan on leaving till after I leave Wyoming.

How about you do you have one person you’ll only let touch your hair, and do you enjoy the experience?


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