I Love Cooking

Today I’ve spent a large portion of the day in the kitchen. I picked up 25 pounds of tomatoes yesterday, and today I went right to work on using them.

I’ve got plans for these tomatoes you see. I’m making tomato sauce with about 20 pounds of them. Have you ever made sauce from fresh tomatoes before?  I haven’t until today that is. I’m using the recipe from the Ball Canning book, because I’m going to can the jars of tomato sauce.

I prepared myself last night by reading the recipe and looking online for other recipes. It’s really not that hard to do, it is a little time-consuming, but hey it’s Sunday, and I have nothing else pressing to do today.

I removed the skins from the tomatoes, cut them up, cored them, and set to mashing them in my stockpot. Added the seasonings they suggest and let it cook down. This is the part that takes awhile, but it’s not something you have to watch constantly, but you do need to be mindful, and make sure you stir it often, no burning the sauce in this house. Once the pot reduces by half, I strained it to remove all the seeds and reheated the sauce.

And, now onto the canning process.  Again it’s not hard just time-consuming and something you have to know how to do. I did my research on that last night as well, and made sure I had all of my supplies ready to go.

I almost think I was silly for canning the entire pot, I kind of want to eat the sauce now. It’s okay, I’m making another batch tomorrow.

After tomorrow’s batch of sauce is made I should still have around 5# of tomatoes, so I’ll be making some salsa this week as well.  And, well we love salsa in this house, so I’m not sure how long that will last. I might need to pick up another box of tomatoes this coming week if they are available again.


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