Why Dog Why?

My dog is a pain I the behind. Yesterday, I ran out for a bit, and came home to find that the bigger dog, also known as, Bonnie, had taken fruit off the counter.
She never used to take things off the counter, and lately she’s been getting bad about it. Last week it was a mango, and yesterday….
A pomegranate and a persimmon. Are you kidding me dog!? So, the pomegranate I found on the floor, trying to be demolished, it was only a slight success. I had to get the SpotBot out for a couple of spots. Wonderful. It was then later that I noticed there were persimmon missing from the counter. I’ve looked everywhere. Apparently she’s consumed the whole thing. There is no evidence of the missing persimmon.
So either the dog ate the whole thing or I have a ghost in the house. I’m just going to chalk up the missing persimmon to I no longer can have a fruit bowl on the counter.
Oh yeah, and the completely missing persimmon can be added to the missing 2 sticks of butter that went missing a few weeks ago. Hmmmm maybe there is a ghost in the house stealing food.
I’m happy to report the frog hasn’t suffered any consequences from eating the fruit. The only thing that has happened, is my blood pressure has raised a few points.
Anyone want a dog?


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