Adventures Of The Husband

So, surprise, surprise the husband is on the road again, or maybe I should say still since he was only home for 36 hours the last time he dropped by. Yes, folks I’m married, but see the husband less now than when we were living a 1,000 miles apart, obviously this was before we got married, although it’s not much of a change now that I think about it.  Well, other than I know live in Wyoming as opposed to New York. Anyway, getting off topic.  Earlier today, the husband texted to say I have photos for your blog post today.  Great, excellent, I’ll take a look. And, guess what he got some great shots of pretty landscapes.  Only thing is I have no idea where this is, he failed to give me that information. But, anyway here they are enjoy them, and it’s all from the western part of the state because that’s where he is at the moment. Well, unless he crossed into a different state which again is highly possible knowing him. Anyway, I’m sure if you check back in the comments at some point he will enlighten us all with where and what we are looking at.


image image image image image image image image


One thought on “Adventures Of The Husband

  1. Top to bottom:
    Shore of New Fork Lake
    Panorama or New Fork Lake near where the New Fork River begins
    Lake outlet to River.
    Outlet works on the bridge/dam structure
    South end of New Fork Lake
    Green River Lake, looking at Mt. Osbourne (Ozzy wasn’t home)
    Panorama of Green River Lake

    (Surprised you didn’t add the pics of Squaretop and Gannett Peak)

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