What’s For Dinner

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately with all of the produce I get each week. Well this week I had a ton of peppers so I made some stuff peppers for myself. I debated between rice and quinoa as the main filler and for protein reasons alone I should have went with the quinoa, but I didn’t. I went with the rice. I used rice black bean and corn salsa to stuff the peppers with and then topped with some Mexican blend cheese. Through it in the oven for a while and voila a pretty tasty dinner.

The husband is currently on his way home as we speak.  Perhaps for only the night, but hey he’s on his way. I had some turkey to use up so I sliced up some celery, carrots, and onion made some gravy, simmered it all, and then threw into some crescent rolls to make it a pot pie pocket so to speak. This is where I got the idea from. 

Hopefully, they taste good and he enjoys it, if not guess I’ll try something different next time.

I also sautéed up some asparagus and had quite the yummy feast.

Tomorrow the weather is looking a bit nicer then it’s been, which means continue with operation clean up trees. Yayyyy! Can you tell how excited I am at the prospect?


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