It’s Beginning To Look Like Halloween Around Here

Today, I was a bit productive.  First, let me start off by saying if you have dogs or any pets with hair, deep pile carpet is just a bad idea.  Ughhhh, the amount of dog hair that gets trapped in that carpet is insane.  I have a Dyson vacuum so a pretty good vacuum.  Now, the house gets vacuumed at least once a week if not more often than that, depending on the mess that is created in the house.  I vacuumed the living room today so that I could carpet clean.  Well, I ended up vacuuming the room twice to pick up the hair.  So I thought with the 2 serious vacuum rounds I did on the floor I thought I was safe to go with the Rug Doctor.  Ha!  Every time I went over the floor with the Rug Doctor more stuff would be pulled up from deep with in the recesses of the carpet.  Gross!  Needless to say the carpet got cleaned more than once.  I am going to do the bedroom tomorrow, and well I am a little afraid of what I may find.  The dogs spend more time in the bedroom than the living room.  I think I may have to vacuuming every room in the house every day.  Needless, to say I am hoping the shedding stops soon because I know that I am going to go crazy with the grossness factor of my carpets.  I miss my hardwood floors, or non deep pile carpet, one or the other.  So remember pets plus deep pile carpet equals BAD.

Now, onto the fun stuff.  I decorated for Halloween today.  Yeah, I am pretty excited about it.  It looks pretty cool outside my house right now.  Even the stuff I did inside, that looks to the outside is pretty cool.

The new Dining Room centerpiece, don’t worry the fall centerpiece didn’t go far, it just moved onto the buffet for now, and well after Halloween it’ll move back onto the table.

My headless skeleton and the door sign.  As for the headless skeleton, I have no idea what that’s about.  I mean what do I expect, I picked it up at The Dollar Tree, so for a $1 I’ll take a headless skeleton.

The door sign, read it, it’s pretty awesome I think.

It’s a little hard to see, but there is a big ole spiderweb in that window.  Of course I probably should of just not vacuumed up all the real ones while I was vacuuming the living room, and then I wouldn’t have had to mess with that fake stuff.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever tried to use it, and well it was a bit of a nightmare to work with.  I was covered in the stuff, oh and trying to keep the dogs from attacking it.  It is hung up high for a reason.

The front door of the house.

Again hard to see but there are some window clings on these windows.  Although there was a mummy in one of the windows that decided to fall down just as I went to take a picture.  Oh well, it’s hanging back up and hopefully will stay for a while.

The walkway up to the house.  Check out all of my pumpkins.  I actually want to get one more for the other side of our front door.  White and orange pumpkins galore at our house.  I will only be carving one, but if anyone is super artistic and wants to carve a pumpkin come on over.  I’ll let you cut one of mine up.

Cobwebs in the tree, a cemetery complete with a skeleton raising from the grave, and a skeleton in the tree in the back.  Oh, and did I mention the spiderweb has some pretty big glow in the dark spiders crawling around in it.

There are a few more decorations I have planned for Halloween night, but you’ll have to wait to see them.  But, all I will have to say is Thank You Pinterest.


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