It’s What’s For Dinner

Tonight I decided to try a rather quick recipe that a friend had shared on Facebook the other day.  And, I must say it was rather tasty.  You can check out the recipe here.  It was a great meal and there are plenty of leftovers. I added some zucchini and yellow squash that I sautéed to the mix and it was like having zucchini parm with pasta. I’m thinking leftovers will be had for dinner tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s going to be a cooking day.  I’m going to make some meals to throw in the freezer.  Eggplant parm, chicken parm for the husband, chili also for the husband, and several loaves of banana bread. In this past weeks Bountiful Basket I got a bunch of green peppers, tomatoes, and onions so what better way to use them than chili. Plus I’ll have ready-made meals for whenever the husband comes off the road. He’ll actually like having food that he will eat in the house. As for the banana bread well I have a ton of bananas to use up so banana bread it is. And, well who doesn’t love banana bread.

Since, we are talking food I need to discuss my love of Nutella. Why oh why must your chocolate hazelnut mixture be so good?  I love the stuff, and need to watch myself because I think I’m becoming addicted. I recently found Schar brand gluten-free graham crackers in the store, and holy moly they are good, much better than other brands I’ve tried. Anyway, a graham cracker with some Nutella on top and well I’m in heaven. I’m pretty sure anything with Nutella on it, well within reason, would send me into Nutella nirvana.  Nutella and peanut butter on toast yum, add some banana yummy, Nutella and strawberries, yup like that too, I mean Nutella and a spoon works for me too.  Ahhhhh Nutella you are so tasty.

Anyway, hope your week is going well and only 2 days left till the weekend.


2 thoughts on “It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. Nutella is both my love and my enemy. I’ve had to stop buying because I have no self control when it’s around. I used to eat it with a spoon while nursing. Ha! I hope someday I can get to a place where I can handle it in the house but right now, I’m just a junkie looking for a fix.

    • I can have it in the cupboard and not touch it and then all of a sudden I can’t get enough of it and well apparently we are in the can’t get enough if it cycle of my life.

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