And, Now To Clean Up The Aftermath

As, you all know Wyoming was hit by a wallop of a storm.  Yesterday, I removed a ton of snow from my car and managed to dig a path to it.  Along, with that I made several loops around my yard surveying the damage. And, when I say damage I mean damage to the trees in my yard. Luckily, we only had a few branches and they were on the little side fall on the roof. Not, so lucky for us we still had a ton of branches and limbs fall to the ground. The worst or maybe best part, depending on how you look at it is that all of the downed debris was from two trees. Yeah, that’s right just 2 trees. Now, I want you to rememeber this fact when you start looking at the pictures.

Before, I let you see the pictures, I do have to say thank you husband, for watching the road closures and as soon as they opened the road he hightailed it home. Now, I say this because if he hadn’t come home my idea for dealing with this disaster that I called a yard, was going to be to pretend I didn’t see it, because 1, there was no way that I would be able to move half of the debris, and 2, I had no way to dispose of said debris.  I was not going to load the 4 Runner up with tree debris. I know, not fun or adventurous, but it was not happening, that and I’m pretty sure the husband would of killed me if I told him I was going to use the chainsaw.

Okay, now remember 2 trees.

Ahhhh the mess. That pile is about 4 feet high and 10-15 feet long. And, that my friends is from just one tree.

Here we have Casey loading up the 20 foot dump trailer. Remember this fact. As you will see why in just a minute.

This my friends is what a 20 foot dump trailer looks like after a snowstorm in October in Wyoming. And, don’t forget 2 trees. Yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous. I didn’t think about getting pictures of the site where everyone was bringing their tree debris, but let’s just say it was BANANAS! They had front loaders piling the debris as high as it could reach, and there was a steady stream of trucks coming and going loaded to the gills.
Of course the clean up is not done here once the snow has a chance to melt I’ll have to go out and rake up all of the little stuff that wasn’t grabbed on this go round. Ahhhh thank you Mother Nature for ensuring I’ll burn a few extra calories this week.
If you were hit by this storm hopefully you faired well and if there is any clean up it’s not to bad. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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