Snopocalypse Or At Least You’d Think It Was

Today, I am happy to report that my motivation has returned from its unauthorized vacation.  As for if it will show up tomorrow, that remains to be seen. I accomplished a lot. I filled up my car with gas. I know what you’re thinking, that’s nothing to brag about Abby.  HA! Well if you knew what the gas station looked like here, I assure you it was a miracle I made it out unscathed. I went grocery shopping at 3 different stores mind you. Yeah, I forgot stuff from the first store, and well I’m pretty sure I was parked in another zip code, and while in line to check out I may have been in a different area code, and that my friends is hard to do here in Wyoming being that we only have one area code.  I managed to survive that experience, but when I was next in line I realized I had forgotten a few items I need for tomorrow’s cooking activity with some pretty fun 4 year olds. Well needless to say I was not getting out of line only to have to get back in it. I had to hit up Natural Grocers anyway so I figured I just run into one of the other grocery stores close by. This store wasn’t quite as bad,but it was no picnic either.  Then I went into Natural Grocers, or the Hippie Store as my husband refers to it, and even they were packed. I couldn’t move through the aisle in places. It was a shopping cart jam everywhere you turned.

So, what was causing this frantic rush for the grocery store and gas, you ask.  Well, it has a little something to do with this thing called SNOW. The weather people are saying that we are going to be getting some, and by some l mean more than a foot. Why, thank you Mother Nature, I almost forgot what it looked like. I mean it’s only been days since the last time you decided to grace us with this white gift of yours. I could go on about snow in the beginning of October, but I went off enough about it when we were getting it in September, and well clearly it did nothing to help my case. So, moving on. Anyway, snow storm is a coming and people here in Wyoming are getting a little crazy. Bottled water, ah good luck the shelves were pretty much wiped out. You know what I’m good I have some water, our grill is hooked into the natural gas so that will work no matter what, and well I have a generator.  Oh yeah, and even some gas for it, so come on snow and Mother Nature BRING IT!

Anyway, I was telling you about how I was motivated today. I came home did some cleaning and vacuuming. Almost all of the laundry is put away. There are still 2 baskets taunting me, I’m hoping by some miracle they put themselves away. I can hope anyway.

After the cleaning fest I moved onto cooking. The whole reason I went to the store. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested.   I then followed up that soup with a batch of French Onion Soup. I had several onions that I needed to do something with, so soup it was. Plus, with the weather that’s making its way here I think it’s going to be soup kind of days. I froze some of the Cauliflower Soup and will do the same with the French Onion. Now, the recipe I use for French Onion is amazing, but I’ll warn you it does take a bit of time, but it’s worth it. Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a whirl.

I’m ready for the snopocalypse. Oh, and I almost forgot I even got my new glasses, and made cookies. See productive motivated day.


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