Must Be A Pirate Thing

In case you were unaware today September 19th is the Official Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can learn all about it.  So in celebration of this day all I have to say is: ARGHHHHHHH! You scalawag! ARGHHHHHH! Me hearty WALK THE PLANK! Shiver me timbers! This next one is fitting being that I live […]

A Little Home Decor

I had mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to start working on the house to make it look like we lived here instead of just a place where all of our stuff was stored.  Well, I am happy to report I’m slowly making progress, The living room is nearly complete it’s lacking […]

I Heard A Funny Story

I had quite the laugh this afternoon all thanks to a friend’s phone call, a Kirby vacuum salesman, her bedroom, and her husband.  I know I just painted quite the sordid picture for you didn’t I. The story goes a little like this.  The salesman shows up at her door, asking if he can clean her […]

What’s Better Than Pinterest?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past year you’ve heard of Pinterest. I’ve somehow managed to lose long spans of time since starting my Pinterest account. Hours gone like it was seconds spent pinning recipes, crafts, hair ideas, makeup tips, decorating ideas you name it’s there.  I now probably have 50 million pins […]