Hampton Inn Really!?

Ok, so I’ve been out visiting the husband since he’s only working a few hours from home. His company is putting him up in a hotel, and well it’s a Hampton Inn and Suites. So, not too shabby of a place. Actually, the hotel is really nice along with the staff.
Anyway, upon arrival on Thursday I enter the elevator and was greeted by this sign on the elevator door:

Uhmmm, you need to advertise clean sheets between guests. I’m hoping that’s a given. Now, I completely understand they don’t change blankets and comforters between every guest hence the reason why I promptly rip them off the bed as soon as I enter a hotel room. So, great thanks for letting me know that you change the duvet covers as well. But, really the whole mention of changing the sheets between guests as well. Please, tell me that this is not a new development for you.
And, well you can’t just advertise this sheet and duvet changing thing in one elevator so here’s what the second elevator has to say

I do have to give them a bit of a thumbs up with their somewhat witty advertising. Anyway, here’s hoping that the sheets were always changed between customers.


6 thoughts on “Hampton Inn Really!?

    • I agree. I kid you not I rip the blankets off the bed and will not stand barefoot in a hotel room, oh and the shower curtain can not touch me either. Yuck!

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