Wow, Lots of Gluten-Free Here! Call Me Shocked

I sent the dogs off to doggy day care and boarding for the weekend, it’s okay I think they like it there better than at home most of the time. After sending the dogs off I packed myself, some snacks, and clean clothes for the husband, and headed off into the sunset. Okay, not really it was 8am so I can’t even say sunrise! but nevertheless I set off. I drove 2 hours and arrived at the hotel he is currently calling home. The man basically lives out of a suitcase. Even, when he comes home off the road he rarely unpacks because it’s only a matter of days sometimes only hours before he’s off again. Anyway, I showed up to a tired and grumpy husband.  Working nights will do that to one, I’m sure. He spent the day sleeping I spent it reading my book.

He woke up 2 hours before he had to go back to the job site and we went to grab a bite to eat, and well this is really what the post is about. We went to the Breadboard. It’s a little local chain of places here in Wyoming. I think there might be 4 total. So really little. Anyway, we decided to give it a try when it came up on my Find Me Gluten-Free App. Seriously, they have this app, and well I was shocked at the amount of places with gluten-free offerings that came up.  So we ordered up some sandwiches, and I will have to go back and find out which brand this gluten-free bread was because it was by far the best that I’ve had.  As I’ve said before, and those who’ve tried gluten-free foods before some are good and some have a weird after taste. This bread didn’t make me miss gluten filled multigrain bread at all.  It was delicious.

I’ve been doing better with this whole gluten-free thing. I really do feel a whole lot better when I’m not consuming it but I have foods I love that just aren’t the same without the gluten can we say pizza.  Although, I have found 2 brands of frozen pizzas and crusts that I am beginning to fall in love with. Against The Grain and Udi’s both make pretty impressive frozen crusts and also frozen pizzas. I’m not sure if I like one over the other yet.  I’ll get back to you after I’ve consumed a couple thousand more calories of each.

Tomorrow I might be checking out a dinosaur museum, but that’s depending on the weather. It’s cold and raining and they are calling for a winter weather advisory starting at midnight and going through the afternoon tomorrow. Yes, it’s September and already winter weather advisory. Hello Wyoming, and you are not getting a thank you out of me. So if the dinosaurs fall through, well even if they don’t I’ll be hitting up a gluten-free grocery store. I’m getting pretty excited about it. My husband, I am sure is cringing at the money flying out of his wallet.

The stores here in Wyoming are starting to carry more and more gluten-free foods.  I am a Cheez-It fan, and well they have gluten so no more of them for me, but Safeway has started carrying a few brands of Cheez-It like crackers. I’ve tried them all and have found my favorites. Crunchmaster makes a cheddar cracker, but I’m not a big fan of these crackers I love their other crackers they are my go to crackers for pretty much anything cracker related.  However, the cheddar ones basically reminded me of the flavor blasted goldfish and the like, and I never did like that. Schar makes cheddar crackers that are ok, but I won’t be buying them again.  My second most favorite is Van’s brand multigrain cheddar. They are pretty fantastic nice and crunchy and a not to overwhelming cheddar taste. However, my all time favorite is Wallaby’s and I’ve found them in 2 flavors classic cheese and parmesan. I haven’t tried the parmesan yet, but the classic cheese. OMG! I’m in love.

So this gluten-free thing isn’t so bad it’s just a matter of finding the brands that I like and also with more and more stores offering gluten-free products it’s getting easier. I think I’ll make it out okay with this no gluten eating thing.

Oh yeah and now that the husband is at work I’m doing his laundry. Yup, I come visit and have laundry duty. It’s a normal occurrence. Same thing happened in Sydney, Nebraska.  Oh well it gives me something to do before my shows come on.


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