A Little Yoga, A Bountiful Basket, And Scarecrows

September is National Yoga Month, and in celebration of that one of the Yoga Studios here in town is doing free classes on Saturday mornings. I decided what better time to try yoga out then with a free class. I mean the price can’t be beat. I showed up this morning not expecting many people to be there. Boy was I surprised along with the instructor. There were 25 of us there this morning, and out of the 25, 23 of us were new. That’s pretty awesome.  We, had an hour-long class that was geared more towards beginners, which I am so I appreciated it greatly. I will definitely be heading back next week for the last free class.

Along, I, with attending my first yoga class I also got to pick up my first Bountiful Basket today. Bountiful Basket is a co-op that once a week you get a delivery of fresh fruits and veggies. You can also do add ons such as breads, a juicer’s pack, special veggies, this weeks was Mexican peppers, and other such items. I choose to just get the regular basket, and WOW for $15 I made out like a bandit. 

My veggie portion of the basket included a head of lettuce, 3 good size onions, 4 tomatoes, a bag of green beans, which I can’t wait to eat, and celery.  I’m having celery and peanut butter for snack a lot this week.

The fruit portion contained, a pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, and a pomegranate. Yeah, I more than got my money’s worth with this basket.  I’m already chomping at the bit in anticipation of what’s to come in next week’s basket, and I havent even eaten anything from this week’s basket yet.  

Finally after getting home from yoga and basket pick-up I put out our scarecrows, corn stalks, and put our pumpkins inside. It’s a little too hot outside yet to leave them. I’d rather they not rot quite yet. 


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