A Little Home Decor

I had mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to start working on the house to make it look like we lived here instead of just a place where all of our stuff was stored.  Well, I am happy to report I’m slowly making progress,

The living room is nearly complete it’s lacking some throw pillows, and I need one more thing to hang on the wall.  I finally could take the ’70’s/’80’s floral couch.  To get it redone would cost a small fortune, but thanks to my friends at Walmart I was able to get some flat sheets for $12 and Voila no more floral.  Of course it’d look a lot better with either a cover or completely redone, but again not willing to pay the cost to have it redone, and folks it’s a 10 foot long couch.  A cover for it has not been found.  Although, if I do find one I am not opposed to snatching it right up.  I found some cool lamps at Big Lots and snagged them.  So the room is looking pretty good.  Along with the additions to the room I moved the furniture around and created a nice space for us.  Oh did I mention that 10 foot couch is HEAVY.  Yeah, it is, I got my workout moving that thing.

Here’s the finished, well nearly finished product:

Don't mind those dog toys, they were a little excited to see all of the toys that had been hiding under the furniture.

Don’t mind those dog toys, they were a little excited to see all of the toys that had been hiding under the furniture.

The Dining Room has been done since right after the New Year when our table arrived.  It’s looking nice, and I was able to make a cute fall center piece for a couple bucks thanks to Dollar Tree.  Yes, I am a fan of Dollar Trees everything a dollar sign me up.

I’ve added a few extras since I originally started the decorations, I had some leftovers from my entryway decorations.  And, speaking of entryways these scarecrows are adorable, now if I can just keep the dogs from eating them, we’ve already had a casualty.


The last update that we did was the breakfast area’s lighting,  Before, all we had was 1 over head light and it wasn’t centered over the table, due to the fact that their used to be two.  Needless to say it was a little dark in there, and well I like to be able to see what I am eating.  We headed on over to Menards one of Casey’s favorite places and found some track lighting that looked like some of the fixtures we have on other tracks throughout the house.  These were just on a much smaller scale.  We added some cool hanging ones as well and, now we have light.  It’s kind of blinding at first, because I am not used to that much light, but it sure is nice to be able to see what we are doing now.


As you can see the house is slowly coming along.  I plan on tackling the craziness that is the home office next week.  Anyone see any cool desks anywhere?


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