I Heard A Funny Story

I had quite the laugh this afternoon all thanks to a friend’s phone call, a Kirby vacuum salesman, her bedroom, and her husband.  I know I just painted quite the sordid picture for you didn’t I.

The story goes a little like this.  The salesman shows up at her door, asking if he can clean her carpet for free.  For free?  Are you for real?  What’s the catch?  Turns out he’s clearly trying to sell her the vacuum.  But, as she puts it who cares, my carpet really needed to be cleaned.  And, clean it became.

She preceded to tell me how grossed out she was by the dirt that was sucked up, uhmmm yeah I know the feeling hence the reason why I try not to think about how dirty my carpets truly are.  Anyway moving on the Kirby man then preceded to tell her about how it can clean mattresses and all about bed mites.  Which, of course like any other same person grossed her right out.

She relents and they head into her bedroom to clean her mattress.  The vacuum is going the Kirby man is cleaning the mattress, and her response is:  Yeah, keep going, don’t stop.  And, I am sure you know where this is going.  In comes the husband.  I kinda wish I was there to see the looks on both men’s faces.  Because, I am sure they were priceless.  I am pretty sure those are words no husband wants to hear coming from the bedroom, when he is not the one in there with his wife.

Needless to say she is now the proud owner of a Kirby vacuum.



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