You’re Missed Tyler

I had no idea what I was going to blog about today. Actually I was feeling pretty unmotivated about it and thought I’d just post a picture or a funny saying.  That of course has changed after looking at my Facebook news feed.

The news feed tonight is blowing up with the news that a young man I know has died. The world has lost a young man, a family is hurting.  I’m thinking of his brothers, father, step father, Liz, his nieces, and most of all his mother. She loves her boys more than anything and I can’t imagine what she is feeling right now.

I’m going to apologize right now for the way this post will most likely turn out, because well I’m sitting here in pretty much complete shock, and the right words are completely escaping me right now.  So I’m sorry for that this will most likely not be one of my more eloquently written posts, but that’s ok, I need to put some words down now so that I can get through this shock.

To all of his close friends remember the good times and be there for each other.   Cry, when you need to be each other’s shoulder, laugh at your memories, and give hugs every chance you get.

To Tyler I will always remember your smile, you had a knock ’em dead smile. And, you were never afraid to flash it. I’ll remember your sometimes cocky attitude, but then again you were a teenage boy so that came with the territory.  You had this amazing personality that could make anyone warm up to you, and that is something that not everyone can claim to have.  I’ll remember the way you were with your brothers, family, and friends.  I will remember all of your playfulness and goofiness and your ability to put a smile on my face.  Tyler, you were an amazing person with an amazing soul, and I’m sorry that you’re no longer here.  You are in my thoughts and I know that you are looking down on all that you knew and loved.

Rest In Peace Tyler.

You are loved and will forever be missed

I would have posted a picture of Tyler but I didn’t have one so please feel free to link them in the comments if you knew Tyler.


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