Where Were You Today 12 Years Ago?

On this day 12 years ago our country suffered as FDR put it in 1941 This Day Will Live In Infamy.  12 years ago today our world as we know it forever changed.

As a child I always remember the adults in my life saying I remember exactly where I was when JFK was shot.  Me being a child thought that they were crazy and couldn’t recall something so specific especially to an event that didn’t happen to them.  There are days in all of our lives that we can remember bits and pieces of, but not the entire day.  So I found it odd that these adults in my life would say they could recount  nearly every moment of that day.  That was of course until September 11, 2001.

I can recount every moment of that day.  I remember being in my apartment on Lincoln Street getting ready to head to class.  I was watching the last bit of GMA waiting for Kelly and Regis to start knowing that I could watch a bit of it before heading to campus for my Natural Hazards and Disaster class.  My roommate Mari was in the bathroom when the news anchors first reported the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  I remember at first thinking that how can you hit the towers how can you not see them.  At first I was thinking it was a little plane not a commercial jet.  Then Mari and I both sat in stunned silence as the second plane hit and then we knew that this was no accident.  I headed off to class and as soon as I got there my friend Kathie informed that another plane had hit the Pentagon.  I remember thinking how could this be, and WTF is going on.  After that first class I got on the campus bus to head to the other end of campus, not knowing what had transpired in the last 90 minutes.  I took a seat on the bus and the driver had the radio on and that’s when I heard it, “I repeat the Twin Towers are no more.  They have completely collapsed.”  The entire bus was quite and sat in stunned silence.  I remember and just thinking back on that day I still feel it now 12 years later complete helplessness and a pit in my stomach.  I along with all the other students on that bus got off at our destinations and headed to our next classes.  I had an Athletic Training class with Mr John Cottone.  He came into class clearly distraught over the events that had taken place over the last couple of hours.  He told us class was canceled, go home take care of what you need to, call who you need to, and we will see where we are on Thursday and we may or may not have class.

It was a numb feeling that’s for sure, i went home and every and I mean every channel was covering the attacks.  I sat and watched with horror as the scope of this tragedy hit.  Mari went off to donate blood, we went to the student center for a candlelight vigil, and watched the towers fall to the ground over and over again.

So now I get what all of those adults were talking about as I was growing up because I too remember exactly where I was and everything about that day 12 years ago and will continue to remember it for the rest of my life.  My hope is that for those who were yet alive or so young they have no memory of it that there is not another day in our future that they will experience and remember everything about.  Because, days like those are not good days for us.

My thoughts are with those that were lost on this terrible day and the ones we continue to lose because of that day.  Always Remember Never Forgotten.

And, though we may get knocked down

We get back up


And, on a much happier note I’d like to wish my Aunt Ann and Uncle Ken a very Happy Anniversary.  They have been married 14 years.  Happy Anniversary!!!!


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