I Think Fall is Coming

So a while back I had posted a post about making our house more lived in and like home. Well I’ve slowly been making progress. The dining room is complete furniture, pictures on the wall, personal touches here and there, and I even did some fall seasonal decorations.

20130910-211005.jpg Pretty nice looking table isn’t it. I found an autumn table runner I really liked but I didn’t know how long my table was, oh yeah I still don’t. Guess I’ll get on that and measure it before I go to the store again.
The living room is coming along. We have this hideous floral pattern couch, but the husband loves it. Why, you ask because its 10 feet long and when you’re 6’5″ a 10 foot couch is a good thing. Well I went to the store picked up some flat sheets and basically made my own couch cover. Bye bye floral hello solid color. We have pictures on the walls and all the furniture in although I saw an accent chair I fell in love with today maybe someday it’ll magically appear in my living room. The only thing missing is table lamps and I think we’ve found the ones we want. I’m sure I’m just going to go buy them.
The downstairs bedroom is complete thanks to our Estate Sale score we made a few weeks ago. I made up the bed the other day and its ready for visitors. Any takers?
The upstairs spare bedroom still needs some character on the wall, but ultimately that will be future child’s room so not so sure what to put up in there yet.
The Rec Room I have ideas for and the husband and I will be working on it the next couple of nights.
The master well we need to hang some things on the wall it’s looking a little bare in there. Although we just went through our wedding and honeymoon pictures and picked a bunch to print. Only took us 11 months. Slow and steady folks that’s what wins the race.
Finally the office is my big big project it needs lots of organization and some TLC which it will be getting after I finish up the little stuff in the other rooms.
Finally the last thing I’m doing to make our house lived in is decorate. I did the dining room have a couple things in the entryway and found some cute things for outside. It’s just a matter of protecting them from the Wyoming wind. I also of course am building up quite the stash of Halloween decorations. I can’t wait. I’m going to decorate like mad. Maybe I’ll even have a little Halloween soirée. Could be fun.
Oh yeah and Happy Primary Day. Is election season over yet?


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