What A Night

So yesterday I posted a little snapshot giving a hint of what we did. Well I have to say I had a blast here in Wyoming. I know what you are thinking fun on Wyoming. Wait a minute I thought that fun didn’t exist in Wyoming. Yeah, well yesterday was fun. Now, don’t start worrying about the apocalypse approaching. No need to prepare for the end of the world yet. I’m thinking this was a one time event. It was the culmination of several events occurring on the same day, it was a perfect storm of fun if you will. It probably won’t happen again anytime soon, so I’m fairly certain the world will not be ending due to a day of fun in Wyoming.
Anyway let’s get into the events that equaled fun. First the husband was home for the weekend which was a nice surprise, since pretty much as soon as we got back from NY he was on a plane to Houston. We spent the day Saturday lounging around and entertaining the beasts, otherwise known as our dogs. On Friday Sarah over at wyowolfpack posted a post about her husband’s band on Facebook doing a free concert. Uhmmm that sounds like fun and I had yet to check out Speed The Pilgrim since usually when they are playing I’m having a play date with the Wolfpack cubs. So, the husband and I headed on downtown to the street party. Uhmmm only in Wyoming do you have music, beer, and face painting. Yeah that’s right folks its fun for the whole family here in Wyoming. But, anyway Speed The Pilgrim rocks! They were really good and I enjoyed them a lot. The husband who is a metal head when it comes to the music he’s listening too, said they are a real rock band, not at all what I was expecting. So when Speed The Pilgrim becomes big time make sure to check them out. Here’s the guys playing at the street party. 20130908-185536.jpg You can also check out there Facebook page here
Oh, and the Wolfpack cubs were rocking out to the band as well and got to walk away with a whole bunch of balloons courtesy of the face painting tent. The kids were sitting in their little red wagon holding onto all of these balloons. I was definitely picturing a reenactment of Pixar’s Up. It would have been pretty neat to see until of course we realized that there were children actually floating away. It was definitely cute I got some pictures as did Sarah so I’m sure you’ll see a shot of it over on her blog.
We followed the street party which was cut short due to the not so nice looking sky. Electrical music equipment rain and lightening makes for a bad combination. That’s ok though because the husband and I had more plans.
The final piece of Saturday’s fun puzzle came in the form of Dueling Pianos. Yes that’s right Wyoming had a Dueling Pianos show last night and it rocked. The performers were talented I mean you have to be in order to play any request the crazy audience wants and throw in some comedic timing and it made for a great show. If you haven’t been to a Dueling Pianos show I highly recommend it. It’s fun and crazy and you have no idea what you’re going to get. We had a blast. The performers were actually late so the show started a half hour late but they were sure to joke about it often. For 3.5 hours the husband and I laughed, sang along, and genuinely had a great time. Here’s some pictures from last night’s show20130908-191115.jpg20130908-191148.jpg And, yes that is a performer standing on his piano bench playing the tune at one point he was playing with his foot. CRAZY!20130908-191255.jpg20130908-191318.jpg Can we say KEYTAR! Hello 1980’s welcome back. Love it. 20130908-191408.jpg What’s a show without some audience participation. 20130908-191449.jpg20130908-191513.jpg
Finally a little Dueling Pianos Baby Got Back Intro, oh and did I mention they did Warren G’s Regulators. Say what! Sorry I was in such shock that I failed to tape that but I did get Baby Got Back well the intro anyway, someone forked over some cash to make it stop. Darn!

Oh and don’t worry those empty pitchers were overflowing by the end of the night.


4 thoughts on “What A Night

  1. So glad you were both able to come out to see Josh play! And you liked it!? That’s awesome! I had no idea the Dueling Piano guys were a) coming to Casper and b) a cool thing! I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’ll have to check ’em out next time. I’ll post some balloon pics tomorrow.

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