That’s A Lot of Bruise For Barely Falling

I can occasionally be a bit clutzy, and my other claim to fame is unexplained bruises. Well for my brother’s wedding I had a somewhat explained bruise. the husband and I had gone to the local bakery/sandwich shop, it’s called the Flour Patch and it rocks, anyway we were meeting Allie and her mom there.  Well I somehow tripped on the top step and came down on my knee.  It hurt a bit it was on slate that I slammed my knee to, but nothing outrageous and from the immediate looks of things nothing too serious. I moved on a pretty much forgot about it.  However, as the days progressed and we approached wedding day I began to bruise.  Now ok a little bruise on my knee wouldn’t be anything out of the norm for me, but NO, that is not all this was.  My entire shin decided to bruise in spots.  Wedding day is here I’m wearing a knee length dress and it looks as though I’ve broken my leg. Are you kidding me?  Thank goodness for Molly, she was our makeup artist and she managed to blend some skin tone over the bruising. So make it through the big day bruises covering my entire leg, well guess what it got better. My leg and ankle swell up to balloon like proportions and the next thing I know it looks like I’ve sprain my ankle.  You know when you sprain your ankle, and you get the bruising along the bottom of your foot, yup now I have that too.  Seriously, WTF did I do to myself, I didn’t fall that hard.  I’m now finally turning a nice shade of greenish-yellow, as my bruising is finally starting to disappear.  Clearly I’m a hot mess.

My swollen bruised shin

My swollen bruised shin

My bruised foot, but I didn't sprain my ankle.

My bruised foot, but I didn’t sprain my ankle.

See how swollen that foot is.  It looks like a sausage.  Craziness.  I have no idea what is wrong with me, but it is all healing fine and doesn’t hurt, so I guess we’ll just chalk it up to more unexplained bruises.


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