Wedding Week Is Almost Over

We fly out tomorrow morning to head back to the wilds of Wyoming. With the time of our flight and NYC traffic a night in a hotel in NYC seemed like our best bet. Wednesday I’ll post a big recap of the wedding complete with pictures stolen from everyone since I didn’t take any. Crazy I know but I was a little busy. So make sure you check in on Wednesday or that post.
We are currently using the secret route, okay it’s not really a secret it’s just few people use it, to get back to NYC. Holiday weekend from upstate to the city is a bit ridiculous so anything we can do to avoid it is best. We are following the newlyweds to their apartment since our SUV is loaded with some of their wedding paraphernalia and assorted gifts. The camero is a nice car just not great for loading down with stuff. Once we unload the cars we’ll head to dinner and then say our good-byes. It’s been a great week filled with laughs smiles and good times. Once again Congratulations to Ryan and Allie.


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