It’s Like Your Norm

So today was kind of a laid back quiet day without much in the line of wedding stuff to do.  The husband and I spent the day roaming around the place I called home for nearly all my life.

Now, let me tell you about my hometown it’s tiny, I mean tiny like I went to school with around 500 kids K-12. I also lived nearly my whole life therefore people know me.  My husband joked that its like being with Norm from Cheers. A place where everyone knows your name. And, well for me I guess that’s true.  Did I mention my family ancestors settled the valley, because well they did.

Anyway, the husband and I went out for a bite of lunch, and well it was just hello after hello and introduction after introduction. My grandmother and Aunt Gail were there.  My Aunt Carol, who Casey had met the night before was there with several of my teachers that I had had throughout school.  This was followed up by people spotting me at the local Hess and grocery store.

While at lunch my Aunt Carol invited us over for some dinner and good conversation, which we followed up with some wasp extermination.  Well Casey was on that detail I checked the fridges in the hall to make sure they were working and the lemonade was safe. We then headed down the brook for some quality time with my brother. My older brother that is. Casey and Jake discussed all sorts of stuff we had some laughs and good times.  And, well now it’s approaching bedtime and a day filled with visiting friends and family and then heading off to do some wedding prep.

And, it’s not always so bad being somewhere where everyone knows your name, even if it’s not Cheers and it is just some small town in upstate NY.


One thought on “It’s Like Your Norm

  1. “While at lunch my Aunt Carol invited us over for some dinner and good conversation, which we followed up with some wasp extermination.” Wow. I met Casey before at a non-Navy function and while he came across as a warrior…being a Naval Aviator and all, I never thought his wife-to-be was his equal in that regard. No offense, but WASP Extermination? I mean, I am Catholic and those kind of predilections don’t trouble me much, but Leapin’ Geebus! Extermination?

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