On Our Way

So our journey to my hometown has begun. It of course starts with a 4+ hour drive to the closest major airport. We could of flown out of the airport close to home, but with 2 of us flying it was way cheaper to make the drive. A long drive but when your talking $600 difference we’ll suck up the car ride. Hey it’s 4+ hours of fighting over what music we will listen to along the way. My husband will go with heavy metal which I will quickly veto. Can you say 80’s on 8 because yeah that’s what we will be listening to.
Then it’s a nice 5 hour flight to NY where my brother will be picking us up. Then it’s off to celebrate my birthday, can we say drinks please. Oh yeah and keep them coming.
After a night in NYC we will be heading upstate to do some errands and jobs for the soon to be married couple while they finish up their work obligations for the week. After that it’s wedding time!
Stay tuned for wedding all the time blog. No not true there will be lots of shananigan filled posts. I’m home and going to be introducing the husband to all sorts of crazy colorful people. Stay tuned for the wackiness of the family and hometown folks.


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