These Kids Are Amazing

Have you been watching America’s Got Talent this summer?  I have and haven’t been.  It’s the wonders of TiVo that have allowed me to keep up to date with it this summer.  I forget that it’s on then while checking my TiVo see I have several episodes to watch.  Anyway, today I watched yesterday’s episode and wasn’t that impressed with most of the acts.  And, well that’s the great thing about TiVo…FAST FORWARD, and that I did.  Until, I saw this act with a 13-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy doing some ballroom dancing.  HOLY CROWBAR BATMAN!  Yeah, they were that good.  I was impressed with these 2 as were the judges.  So if you missed it, that’s okay because well the wonders of the internet persist and this little thing called YouTube.  And, well I am making it even easier for you by placing the video right here:


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