Some People

Let me first start off by saying I am not a parent, yet.  However, I have always loved kids and working with them, and watching them grow.  As more then one person has said about me, I like kids more than I like people.  Not that kids aren’t people, I just like them more than most big people is what it means.  Anyway, with this being said I am going to begin quite the rant.

Today I ran to Walmart to pick up a couple of needed things.  Well my first mistake was stepping foot in Walmart, followed by second mistake of going on a Sunday afternoon.  Those are choices that I will have to live with.  As I was leaving, yes I actually made it through the whole trip with very little incident until I left.  So here I am walking through the parking lot a man and 2 young girls were walking just behind me.  The conversation that came out of this man’s mouth to a 10 year old was appalling.  I nearly fell on the ground.  This girl was not any older then 12 and he’s telling her that guys are going to tell her “F*ck you, and drop to your knees and just suck it”  WHATTTTTT?!  You really are not saying that to a young girl.  I honestly didn’t know if I should vomit or deck the guy.  Now I am not sure what the relationship was between these 2, could be the dad or mom’s boyfriend.  Who knows, who cares.  It was completely inappropriate.  If that was her father then well I can think of some things that be done to him to ensure that he never father’s another child, and if it was the boyfriend than the same should apply because clearly he should never be a father, and as for the mother, yeah she needs no to have another child either.  If this is the crap she’s bringing around her child then she clearly needs a good slap upside the head.

I’ve thought it many times with things that I’ve seen and heard from parents involving their children, and well first I believe some people should just not be parents, and second there should be some sort of screening process before being allowed to have children.  If we had a screening process I think that there would be a lot fewer cases of neglect and abuse.

I’m still shaking my head and agitated beyond belief about the conversation that was had in the parking lot.  The complete inappropriateness is just baffling to me.  But, again I brought it upon myself hello Walmart on a Sunday.  I won’t be making that mistake again.


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